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W Technologies Corp. founded to make a social impact and ensure the solutions we needed most would receive the capital needed.

Growing solutions for medical and manufacturing innovations.  Product development, legal, financial consulting services for business with bright futures solving the problems, concerns and issues that we all need tomorrow, today.

Building a better tomorrow.

We are focussed on social impact projects, investing power, capital and experience in bettering our world.

We seek, locate, secure and finance proven science, technology, modalities or solutions that directly impact the improvement and transformation of crisis, concerns and challenges we are currently experiencing. 

Seeking solutions to better the way we live and experience life.

Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.

We believe in empowering brilliant people with noble ambition to better the world we live in.  We believe in providing the solutions to keep them running and reaching for the stars improving our every day lives.

To create a better world tomorrow with positive returns and positive impact on the way we live today and tomorrow.

  1. Change the world.
  2. Improve our experience.
  3. Keep a positive return, always.

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What we are good at

W Expertise


Developing business solutions with a proven model of success for the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of innovative products.

Marketing Intelligence

Research and intelligence in real time to make informed decisions, reducing risk and ensuring effective entry.

Brand & Strategy

Assistance packaging the solutions into a brand and brand strategy to effectively communicate your impact and solution to the market.

Organizational Support

Experienced advisory board to provide valuable insight into the solutions your company is seeking and help find a path to success.

Business Optimization

Optimize your business with the assistance of an advisory board with more than 150 years of experience in facing challenges just like yours.


Creating the investment tools to fund the projects, products and teams who can quickly turn around their much needed product to market.

High level of competence - DIVERSIFIED INSIGHT

A unique combination of new vision and experienced veterans for planning and inclusion from every POV

The team behind W Technologies Corp, is experienced medical, technology, finance, business and management professionals.

Business Development
100+ years
85 years
Finance management
100+ years
60 years

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Meet our leading specialists

Truly unique and diverse of highly qualified experienced professionals.

A unique approach and insight from a diverse group of experts.

Mr. Lundgren holds a Master’s Degree in Law from Lund University in Sweden.Previously Mr. Lundgren has decades of experience in law, finance and brand development, also over a decade of sitting in the Chairman and CEO. for projects world wide.

Mikael Lundgren


Dr. Edward White is a medical consultant, current physician, with experience as Corporate Medical Director, a former USA Army physician and

Dr. Edward White

Medical Advisor


You are our priority!


We are capable of more than we think is possible, with belief we can create the solution, we will.


As a community we can all see the problems that plague us, we seek the solutions that better us.

Timely Solutions

Deliver the model to the right people, in the right place for the right time and you will create solutions the world needs.

Principles of our work

Don't do it because it's something, do it because it's everything. Change is needed in medical and technology fields for products we need to be produced now, WTechnologies is enabling that change.

Research team Google Partner powered digital analytics, data intelligence, market insights and analyst reporting

Investment team with combined experience of 150 years+

Advisory board providing wide spectrum of critical insight and intelligence combined with decades of experience.

Vast Network spanning 32 countries comprised of experts, specialists & thought leaders we respect.

team of operational teams and organizations multi-lingual and multi-cultural



Results Oriented

How can we better the world in which we live?  We ask ourselves this question every morning and are constantly seeking solutions to provide what is needed.


Force of Speed

Bringing solutions from concept into the real world of sales and growth at lightning speed.  Why do tomorrow what can be completed today.




Ensuring a positive return on investment enables us to continue to find and fund new and impactful projects.


We provide solutions to current problems and assist the best and brightest in their field in achieving their goals

Intellectual Property

Legal team to secure the rights and ensure rights are protected.

Investment Capital

Business funding for quick turn around.

Manufacturing and Marketing

Streamlined delivery of products to market through careful planning, use of manufacturing technology and partnership networks and a team of marketing

Project Information

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